Breakout Sessions VI

Thursday, December 12
2:30 pm - 3:30 pm
First Floor

Breakout Sessions VI

The Future of Work and Skill Sets

Cypress (First Floor) | Hector Cuevas, Center for Career and Professional Advancement, University of California, Merced

There are many drivers that are rapidly changing the “Future of Work”, in this session, I will cover the why and how the future of work will look different and require a modified set of skills. Briefly, global connectivity, smart machines and new media are only some of the drivers that are reshaping how we think about what constitutes work. Moreover, it is important to identify how we can prepare for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Launching a digital mentoring program: How to Inspire Connections, Shift Perspectives & Promote Action

Spyglass II (First Floor) | Christine Bautista & Larissa Bates, San Jose State University

Online mentoring can help universities utilize technology to scale and manage connections between students with alumni and other professionals. In May 2018, San Jose State University began the implementation of SJSU² Mentoring & Meetups, an online mentoring community powered by PeopleGrove, which was fully launched in Spring 2019. Attendees of this presentation will learn the benefits and challenges of starting an online mentoring program along with best practices to help launch their own.

Summer Internship Experience; A Collaborative Approach to Successful Engagement & Summer Interns: Empowering Through the Onboarding Process

Windjammer I & II (First Floor) | Jeff Brzozowski, Travelers & Stella Yuen, Armanino LLP

Learn how two organizations (Travelers and Amanino) leverage their Summer internship program to source incoming talent to build a pipeline of entry level associates. Gain insights into the recruiting practices and strategies, intern engagement during the internship program, and conversion practices. Panelists will present on each of their company’s respective programs and then take questions in a panel format.

The Gender Pay Gap: The Tip of the Iceberg

Spyglass I (First Floor) | Julia Lapan, University of Virginia School of Engineering & Applied Science

Despite accessing higher education in greater numbers than men, women college students graduate to a pay gap. As career development practitioners and university relations professionals, we have an opportunity to change this narrative. This session will explore the data around the pay gap that college women face upon transitioning to the workplace. In addition, we will have an interactive discussion around the conversations we need to be having in our organizations to work toward parity.

Preparing & Sourcing College Talent: Trends & Predictions for the Future

Big Sur (First Floor) | Chris Carlson, Senior Manager, University Recruiting and Relations at Northrop Grumman and NACE President & Marilyn Mackes, Executive Director, NACE

What are the trends impacting the preparation and sourcing of college talent? How do these trends impact the work of career services and recruiting professionals? What shifts in perspective and direction do these require us to make?

Trends and prediction content will be followed by career services and recruiting professionals engaging in a dynamic discussion to inspire action:

  • Learning about important issues and trends affecting our profession.
  • Identifying challenges and solutions associated with these trends.
  • Sharing actionable, practical insights and strategies for proactively planning for the future.

Prototype a Design Thinking Strategy to Solve a Wicked Problem

Windjammer III & IV (First Floor) | Cassie Parkinson & Jillian Morley, Utah State University Career Services 

It’s time to upgrade our rose-colored glasses and trade them in for polarized sunglasses to critically look at the user experience (UX) within career services! End users (students and employers) have vastly different needs. So, how can we innovate our approach to serve the end users most effectively? Evaluation of this question includes leveraging student staff and new professionals to bring fresh ideas to solve wicked problems through UX design thinking strategies. Throughout the presentation, participants will gain deeper understanding of UX design strategies to improve the end user experience.