Breakout Session 2

Wednesday, December 12
4:00 pm-5:00 pm

Breakout Session 2

Title: Strategies for Partnering with Academic Departments to Make Student Dreams a Reality
By: Alison McCarty, Michael Kimball-Bryant, and Joe Kowalczyk – University of Washington, Seattle and University of Washington, Bothell
Audience: College | Location: Adventure
Considering a partnership with an academic department to create focused career programming? Already doing career work within an academic program and want to collaborate with the career center? This session will highlight the benefits and drawbacks of career development within centralized and decentralized structures, and its applicability across various campuses. We will facilitate discussion so participants walk away with concrete ideas and strategies to support students in making their professional dreams a reality.

Title: How to Attract Students When You’re Not a Google
By: Maria Bertram and Betsy Johnson – Freeport McMoRan
Audience: College & Employer | Location: Castle A & B
Companies who struggle with brand recognition, reside in rural areas, or are in a non-traditional industry can have difficulty attracting top student talent to their intern programs. Freeport-McMoRan, an international company, has overcome these recruiting barriers and built a robust internship program, hiring over 300 interns every summer. Learn more about their strategy to inspire students to explore opportunities in the mining industry. Discover how you can turn your dream of having a successful internship program into a reality by leveraging your unique advantages to attract top student help.

Title: Designing and Adopting a CRM for Employer Engagement
By: Michelle Gomez and Hema Paliwal – California State University, Long Beach and California State University, Fullerton
Audience: College | Location: Nile
With the rise of job development in Career Services, the need for a technology platform to track and manage employer relationships has become increasingly critical. Most leading technology platforms in Career Services are very transnational and relationships are managed in complicated Excel documents. Join CSULB and CSUF as they discuss how they identified, built, and implemented Nutshell as their CRM tool to make their dreams of a streamlined and intentional employer relations strategy a reality.

Title: Reach a Larger Audience: Best Practices and Trends from Alumni Career Services
By: Cindy Hyman, Kristine Thody, Cheryl Clark Bonner, and Michael Steelman – University of Denver, University of British Columbia, Pennsylvania State University, and William & Mary College
Audience: College | Location: Castle C
Best practices and trends from alumni career services are directly transferable to student-facing offices. While our audiences differ, our goals are identical: provide students or alumni with state-of-the art career management tools that contribute to their professional success, helping them achieve their dreams. In this session, the current and past presidents of the Alumni Career Services Network will discuss emerging trends and share best practices for delivering high quality career services to large, diverse audiences.

Title: Creating a Career Development Culture on Campus to Make Dreams a Reality for All Students
By: Heidi Perman – University of Denver
Audience: College | Location: Safari
Research shows that students that engage in career development have better outcomes at graduation. So how do we ensure all students make their dreams a reality if only 50% of students engage with career by graduation? Learn how the University of Denver has grown student engagement with career services from an estimated 35% to 55% annually in just two years by leveraging our community of faculty, staff and alumni as partners in career development.

Title: How to Make Going to Work Feel like Going to Disneyland: Inspiring Staff to Make Their Dreams a Reality?
By: Ella Butler and Kelly Dries – Salt Lake Community College and University of Redlands
Audience: College & Employer | Location: Monorail A & B
Hear from the University of Utah Career Center on how they revitalized their onboarding, training, and professional development opportunities for staff to create a culture focused on growth and personal and professional development. Utilizing concepts from “Radical Candor” and Strengths Based Leadership, hear from University of Utah Career Center leaders on specific approaches they’ve initiated to foster this culture, and leave this session with strategies to take to your center and utilize in your leadership.

Title: Centering Diversity and Inclusion to Support All Students’ Dreams
By: Barbara Richardson and Katie Lloyd – Colorado State University
Audience: College & Employer | Location: Monorail C
As students transition out of college, they are often told to be “professional.” However, many who hold minoritized identities experience professionalism as oppression. How do career centers and employers support all of our people in navigating that transition successfully if we do not recognize the impact of traditional practices? In this session, we share how we have begun to address this by adapting an organizational change model to examine our identities, privileges, and actions.

Title: A Career Development Program for Undocumented Students: The Butterfly Project at UC Riverside
By: Marlenee Blas Pedral, Jeannette Ordonez, and Ana Coria – University of California, Riverside
Audience: College | Location: Amazon
Learn how to create an interdepartmental program at your institution that is collaborative and hands-on. More than ever, dreamers are looking for career guidance. At the University of California, Riverside (UCR) Undocumented Student Programs and the Career Center have partnered to create a professional development program. The Butterfly project places students with a campus department for service hours, provides weekly career development workshops and grants students a $1,000 scholarship upon completion