Breakout Sessions I

Wednesday, December 11
2:15 pm - 3:15 pm
First Floor

Breakout Sessions I

INSPIRED by enrolled yet ‘swirling’ students + SHIFTING to a new major + ACTION through 2 new career courses = Persistence and Completion

Cypress II & III (First Floor) | Janet Anderson, Donna Crow, Wyatt Lutsk, Jillian Morley & Dannon Loveland, Utah State University

INSPIRED by +1,000, enrolled yet ‘swirling’ students, at Utah State University, a RADICAL SHIFT at the Provosts’ level created a new academic major with Career Services ACTING as content experts, delivering two new required capstone courses! Leave this session with two syllabi focusing on life design, assessments, and preparing students to field offers. Practice an Inspire, Shift, Act analysis with a group of radical collaborators to tackle a sticky problem on your campus.

Planning the First Generation Conference 2019: Process, Key Takeaways, and Tools

Cypress I (First Floor) | Jeremy Brooks & Heidi Yu, UC Berkeley Career Center

Are you interested in planning a major program or conference for first generation students on your campus? The UC Berkeley Career Center planned its 3rd Annual First Generation Conference in Spring 2019 and two members of the planning committee are excited to share their key takeaways to help you plan your event! This will also be an interactive opportunity to share your ideas to improve first generation programming across campuses.

Changing the Narrative by Shifting Our Approach: Increasing Occupational Awareness & Opportunities for Liberal Arts Students

Big Sur I (First Floor) | Laura Hunkler, California Polytechnic State University

What can you do with a liberal arts degree? Where are the non-STEM jobs at the career fair? Inspired by student anecdotes, at Cal Poly, SLO we’ve learned that non-STEM students need more occupational awareness and exposure through tailored programming, specifically as an alternative to recruiting events that target more technical majors. We’ll focus on our shift in approach by scaling services and share easily implementable strategies others can use to create customized career experiences for special populations.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Best Practices in Meeting the Needs of Gen-Z

Spyglass I (First Floor) | Lauren Wooster, University of Redlands; Melissa Minato, Seattle University

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are constantly at the forefront of conversations in higher education, particularly as we welcome the increasingly diverse Generation Z students. This presentation aims to discuss the demographics and values of Generation Z and how career centers can consider best practices in being intentionally supporting these students. We hope to inspire colleagues to better serve students by addressing their own privileges/biases and incorporating recent trends and research into their practice.

Leader-shift: Moving into Vulnerability

Windjammer I & II (First Floor) | James Tarbox Ph.D., San Diego State University

Career center leaders are often expected to be impressive data champions, inspired visionaries, masters of scaling services, and job market and placement gurus. We are less likely encouraged to see strength in being vulnerable, that is being able to be more of who we are as we lead through our formal roles. This session provides the framework to shift toward vulnerability, and to benefit from the courage, creativity and community that result from this change.

Showcasing 21st Century Skills with Digital Badges: How to Engage Employers and Students during a Launch

Spyglass II (First Floor) | Jeanna Trammell, California State University Long Beach & Don Fraser, Education Design Lab

Are you interested in integrating digital badges to enhance your students professional online presence? Would you like to engage employers in finding talent with specific competencies? Digital Badges is the key to unlocking the door to help meet the needs of both students and employers. This session covers how to launch a Digital Badge program at your university and engage both students and employers throughout the process with focus groups, surveys and conversations.

Three Corporate Approaches to Inclusive Practices in Hiring and Retention

Big Sur II&III (First Floor) | Marcie Kirk Holland, UC Davis; Cynthia Murphy-Ortega, Chevron; Margaret Paulin, Lockheed Martin Corporation

Hiring, retaining and advancing individuals from backgrounds traditionally underrepresented in a profession or industry requires organizational commitment to inclusive practices. Attend this session to better understand the approaches three large corporations use to foster an inclusive corporate culture – from recruitment through ensuring all perspectives are represented throughout the organization. Learn tips on how to shift conversations between career centers and employers from diversity to inclusion.

Future Careers | Progress & Preparation

Windjammer III & IV (First Floor) | Joseph Groot, Senior Director, VMock Inc.

A.I and automation are changing the nature of work. This session explores the technologies, opportunities, and challenges that are redefining careers. As the pace of change continues to accelerate – what can we expect, how do we prepare our students and ourselves? History, data, and industries currently in the throes of disruption offer some of the answers. Spoiler* There’s a lot to look forward to.