Breakout Sessions II

Wednesday, December 11
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
First Floor

Breakout Sessions II

Seeking: Tech Enthusiasts Who Like Inclusion!

Cypress I (First Floor) | Jeffrey Harrington & Megan Odom, California State University, Chico

In this hands-on session we discuss ways to implement low cost, highly effective technology to support inclusion. We begin by teaching you how to use free translation software to make live presentations inclusive to all participants (English language learners, hearing/sight impaired). Then, we demonstrate how to create no/low budget career readiness tutorials and high-budget employer relations videos addressing diversity issues. In the end, we show you how to build an inexpensive/high quality LinkedIn photo studio.

Multi-University Career Fairs – An Example of Successful Collaboration

Windjammer III & IV (First Floor) | Linda Sargent, Daniels College of Business | University of Denver; Brittany Koonce, Colorado State University, College of Business, Sue Wyman, University of Colorado Denver Business School

Learn the benefits of and best practices for building and hosting a scalable multi-college/university career fair model that delivers quantifiable value to employers and students. Through the cross-collaboration of the career services offices of three universities, these presenters have created a regional hiring event that attracts national employers and connects students to elevated job and internship opportunities.

Who Succeeds? Shifting the Story to Inspire Action for Equitable Career Outcomes

Cypress II & III (First Floor) | Barbara Richardson & Jon Cleveland, Colorado State University

NACE Career Outcomes protocols, published first in 2014, do not mention disseminating information based on identity categories. To inspire our students, we must shift our thinking about what is appropriate first destination data to share and embrace sharing by identity categories. During this presentation, we will engage in our story of disaggregating the data, facilitate conversations that examine the intersecting factors that influence first destination success, and provide lessons learned from disaggregating this data.

Navigating Advising Students and Connecting with Employers Regarding the Cannabis Industry

Spyglass I (First Floor) | Andrea Hanson, UC Davis Internship and Career Center & Michelle Mallen, University of California Irvine

Cannabis is now legal in many western region states of the United States. Career centers are now facing new territory with how to advise students as well as companies interested in recruiting students. The goal of this presentation is to “Inspire, Shift, Act” and clarify how to connect students and employers. Together as a group, the role of career services in this connection will be further clarified and attendees will hear how other schools and employers are navigating this new scene.

High Touch Recruitment in a High Tech World

Windjammer I & II (First Floor) | Dylan Schweitzer & Nicole Wagner, Enterprise Holdings

Today, we are driven to maximize efficiency but, when it comes to the recruitment process, has it taken the human out of what we do, and what our candidates and employees crave? Learn how Enterprise, who has consistently earned recognition as one of the top employers for entry-level hires balances the desire to use technology with a high touch approach to recruiting. The foundation of Enterprise’s approach is to leverage today’s recruiting technologies to enhance the consumer-driven candidate experience and attract and retain the best candidates while keeping the process personal. In addition to this high level topic we will discuss re-world application of these practices with talent acquisition professionals.

Digital Development as the Catalyst for Professional Development

Big Sur I (First Floor) | Douglas Phenix, Holy Names University

Technology has changed the world tremendously! This has even changed the way students learn, develop and study. With career development events attendance and career center visits being at a low across the nation how do we use technology to our advantage? Come learn how the Career Center at Holy Names University is using a podcast, YouTube and other outlets to reach and draw in students.

Diversity is Achievable: Incusion is Believable

Spyglass II (First Floor) | Dr. Cindi Love, Out for Undergrad (O4U)

The Executive Director of Out for Undergrad presents the organization’s 15-year track record and current formula for inclusive recruitment, admissions and programming practice that LGBTQ+ and otherwise diverse students say “changes their lives” as they enter highly competitive and demanding employment in the world’s leading corporations.

Campus Career Champions: Inspiring Faculty That Advance Career Success

Big Sur II & III (First Floor) | Thomas Rogers, Lecturer, & Adrienne Saxton, Lecturer, CSU Monterey Bay, Kevin Jones, CGMA, CMA, CPA, University of California, Santa Cruz and Kip Tellez, Professor and Education Department Chair, UC Santa Cruz

Career Champions
As Career Professionals we only have so much time in a day. Listen to this panel staff and faculty members who have made a significant impact by expanding the reach of the career services professionals they work with in strategic and practical ways.