Breakout Sessions V

Thursday, December 12
1:15 pm - 2:15 pm
First Floor

Breakout Sessions V

Inspiring a Culture of Career Support by Activating the Campus Ecosystem

Windjammer III & IV (First Floor) | Jennifer Ferrari & Amy Peterson, Santa Clara University

Learn how SCU’s Career Center shifted its model from gatekeeping the career development process to facilitating a coordinated network of staff/faculty invested in supporting student career success. This session will showcase the inaugural year of our Career Influencers Network, from initial concept to implementation, balancing context and process with tangible logistics. Reflect on your unique campus dynamics, resources, and needs as you consider activating your organization’s ecosystem to inspire a culture of career support.

Courage over Comfort: Owning Our Role in the Collective Impact of Diversity & Inclusion initiatives

Windjammer I & II (First Floor) | Laura Hunkler, Jack Sandoval, Hannah Steen, California Polytechnic State University & Soukita Thipsouvanh, California Polytechnic State University

Working towards equity is complex and often overwhelming. At Cal Poly, SLO we’re inspired toward action in our approach. Join our Diversity & Inclusion Committee to hear our personal experiences working on these initiatives, our office’s shift toward inclusive practices, and an overview of our programs, process, wins and challenges. We’ll invite participants to share their challenges and best practices so everyone leaves with an actionable goal to engage deeper in this work.

Shift Your Recruiting into High Gear: A Well-Planned, Well-Executed Recruiting Strategy is the Key to Recruiting Students in a Tight Economy

Big Sur (First Floor) | JanaLee Carter & Jordan Doman, Utah Valley University

The presentation includes up-to-date information on how to best use opportunities available at most college campus’ to connect with students in a robust economy. The intent for this presentation is to encourage recruiters to make the shift from single event, sometimes haphazard, ROI based, recruiting to a more comprehensive, thoughtful, long-term, strategic recruiting plan.

Inspire Your Campus Network with Interactive Career Data

Spyglass II (First Floor) | Jennifer Anderson, University of Denver

University of Denver has established a collaborative career network, using data as our guide. Learn the fundamentals of data-informed strategy to strengthen your campus network. Create a Student Engagement Report and a Post-graduation Outcomes Report to inform your work and connect your campus.
Inspire your team:

  • Transform your data collection into alumni connection
  • Launch campus-wide collaboration with outcomes reports
  • Spark staff creativity with interactive engagement metrics

Shifting Recruitment Towards Authentic Engagement: How employers align with student services professionals and campus programs to inspire authenticity in the act of recruitment.

Cypress (First Floor) | Janet Abbott, Norah Shultz Ph.D. & James Tarbox Ph.D., San Diego State University

In a time when employers seek to hire college graduates with diverse backgrounds and skill sets to meet the demands of a global society, it is increasingly imperative recruiters identify strong candidates before they graduate. Diversity and inclusion goals challenge recruitment practices to shift in new directions. Learn how San Diego State University student services professionals and employers collaborate to support diverse students making informed career choices.

Stunning Internship Design

Spyglass I (First Floor) | Sahil Punamia, The Aspiring Professional

This workshop is for employers of all sizes and industries looking to create internship programs that:

  1. Attract top talent from universities
  2. Help build a robust full-time recruiting pipeline of stellar candidates
  3. Drive word-of-mouth awareness and brand affinity for your company on college campuses
  4. Provide your existing full-time employees with valuable mentorship and leadership opportunities to manage student interns